Cost-Share Program

Policy development and program application decisions related to DWR’s Cost-Share Program are the responsibility of the State Water Commission.

The State Water Commission has adopted a policy to support local sponsors in development of sustainable water-related projects in North Dakota. The policy reflects cost-share priorities and provides the basic requirements for all projects considered for prioritization during the agency’s budgeting process. Projects and studies that receive cost-share funding from DWR’s appropriated funds are consistent with the public interest. The State Water Commission values and relies on local sponsors and their participation to assure on-the-ground support for projects and prudent expenditure of funding for evaluations and project construction. It is the policy of the State Water Commission that only the items described in the policy are eligible for cost-share, unless specifically authorized by State Water Commission action.

Cost-Share Policy, Procedure, and General Requirements

Applying For Cost-Share

An application for cost-share is required in all cases and must be submitted by the local sponsor on the UPDATED - 7/2021 - Cost-Share Application Form (SFN 60439). Applications for cost-share are accepted at any time. Applications received less than 45 days before a State Water Commission meeting will not be considered at that meeting and will be held for consideration at a future meeting. The application form must include the following:

  • Category of cost-share activity.
  • Location of the proposed project or study area shown on a map (see example).
  • Description, purpose, goal, objective, narrative of the proposed activities.
  • UPDATED - 7/2021 - Delineation of Costs (SFN 61801).
  • Anticipated timeline of project from preliminary study through final closeout.
  • Potential federal, other state, or other North Dakota state entity participation.
  • Documentation of an engineering selection process if engineering costs are anticipated to be greater than the threshold provided in NDCC 54-44.7-04.
  • Engineering plans, if applicable.
  • Status of required permitting.
  • Potential territorial service area conflicts or service area agreements, if applicable.
  • Sustainable operation, maintenance, and replacement plan for projects.
  • A summary of the project sponsor’s Capital Improvement Fund (SFN 61938) for water supply and rural water projects.
  • Completed economic analysis worksheet for water conveyance and flood-related projects expected to cost two hundred thousand dollars or more. (Required at the time applications include a request for construction cost-share.)
  • Completed life cycle cost analysis worksheet for water supply projects.
  • Additional information as deemed appropriate by the Director.

Cost-Share Summary

Alternative Funding Sources

The following inventory document contains information about a variety of funding programs offered by various entities for flood-related, general water management, and water supply projects. This document is intended as a resource for local sponsors whose projects do not qualify for funding from the DWR, or for those seeking additional funding partners.

Alternative Sources of Funding Publication


For more information on the Cost-Share Program, please contact the Planning & Education Division at (701) 328-4989, or e-mail.