North Dakota Water Laws & Policies

Administrative Code - Links to the North Dakota "Waters" Administrative Code.

Century Code - Links to the North Dakota "Waters" Century Code.

Cost-Share Policies - Download the State Water Commission Cost-Share Policies in PDF form. The policies are for general purposes only, and may not reflect the most up-to-date information. Direct questions to (701) 328-4862.

Fox Hills Policy - It is the policy of the Office of the State Engineer, in order to preserve a flowing pressure head in low-lying areas, to restrict industrial access to the Fox Hills-Hell Creek aquifer where other suitable sources are available. The restriction is not a moratorium on future Fox Hills water use, but takes into consideration the quantity of water needed and the proximity of flowing-head wells to the proposed water use.

Unauthorized Use Policy - Due to the increased scrutiny of industrial water sales and the findings of a legislatively mandated performance audit of the Water Appropriations Division, the State Engineer has directed that two primary philosophical goals guide the formation of the consent agreement.

Unauthorized Taking & Sale Of Waters of the State

Water Theft & Unauthorized Water Sales Brochure

Wastewater Reuse Policy